10 useful SEO tips to help beat the competition

10 useful tips about SEO for your website

Internet Marketing is growing and developing rapidly as an industry. You can safely say that over the past few years we have witnessed a battle between SEO-business owners. As a result, today we observe not a very positive picture. Even if the website owner fulfills all the basic requirements for optimization: selects the correct keywords, allocates pages headers in the correct sequence with tags h1 and h2, places at least 600 words on the landing page, marks up the images on the site using <alt> tags, pages of the resources are still at risk of not taking high positions in Google search results.

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What is a PSD template?

Of course knowing how to convert a template from psd is not necessary. But this knowledge can be useful to anyone who owns a website. Anything can happen in your life.

PSD templates

are the basis for the website layout. The pattern fully reflects not only the design of the future resource, but also its size and arrangement of all the elements. Creating psd template for the website is the second stage in the web design development cycle.

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Essentials of a Quality Email Newsletter Template to Convert Sales

More and more individuals are resorting to digital media for their information needs. Traditional printed media has ceded much ground to this new age of information transfer. It is therefore not incomprehensible as to why businesses are diverting greater proportions of their marketing focus to online marketing. It combines the appeal of both audio and visual stimulation to engage potential customers and therefore attract and retain their interest. Read more

Why do you need a quality email newsletter templates for your business?

quality email newsletter templates

One of the key goals of any business is customer care and satisfaction. In order to facilitate an easier communication between the company and the customer there is a need for a comprehensive and attractive newsletter that can be informative and at the same time, provide the customer with a range of attractive offers and company related news that directly benefits them. In this article we take a look at some key points that one should look for in an email newsletter template and the advantages of using a quality template. Read more

Do you support Internet Explorer 8? Why and when to support that?

In the month of August last year Microsoft made an announcement that it would no longer support internet explorer 8 starting from January 12, 2016 official link. This announcement was a result of extensive lobbying by web developers and quite a number of webmasters who demanded that this computer giant should drop support for older versions of internet explorer. Below is an insight in this regard. Read more

What’s new in a PSD to HTML (Design to HTML) industry?

It was almost 10 years ago when the PSD to HTML industry surfaced and one of the reasons it proved to be successful was because many web designers wanted to free themselves from coding. At the time, PSD to HTML workflows were using one of the most ideal ways to make websites. Back then when modern CSS was not supported by web browsers, slicing designs created in Photoshop to HTML/CSS was the only way to build websites with unique features like rounded corners and shows. However, the PSD to HTML has become less relevant ever since more options have become available. Read more

Responsive Web Design – Does It Slow Down The Mobile Experience Of The Users?

At times, it is said that the responsive nature of the website slows down the mobile experience due to image size and other technical issue. However, experts say it does not degrade until the website in not built properly.

Our Team have found after many glitches that the responsive design is not going to destroy the mobile experience of the user any how until we built it in the wrong manner using failing tactics. We all know that Responsive web design comes with a one-size fits all approach. And for that case we need to focus on the enhancement of the user experience based on the capabilities of the browser or device. Read more

Tips on choosing between Responsive and Adaptive (flexible) website

One of the hottest issues in web development circles in the recent past has been the accessibility of websites on various devices other than the well known laptop or standard desktop screens. Even though this discussion is not new, it has gained a lot of traction in recent times with many people opting to access the internet using their mobile devices tablets and other similar gadgets to access the internet and get work done.

Due to this, organizations are keen on developing websites which are not only acceptable to users but are also user friendly and easily accessible. For this reason, two methods have been devised for web developers to meet these challenges; these are Adaptive Web Design (AWD) and Responsive Web Design. Read more