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eCommerce Services

Achieve success online with our certified Magento and WooCommerce experts.

  • eCommerce website design

    Distinguish your brand from competitors and increase revenue with a professionally designed website. Our creative team leverages talent and industry best practices to deliver a highly converting website.

  • Magento Development

    With certified Magento developers guiding our team, each website is fully optimized in terms of efficiency and durability. Magento is our primary focus, and therefore, we pride ourselves in developing quality Magento websites and extensions.

  • WooCommerce development

    Amplify your online success with an online marketing campaign, generating leads and revenue for your brand. Our marketing team increases your website’s rate of growth through targeted online campaigns.

  • Magento & WooCommerce Support

    Creating a successful e-shop is not enough, you also have to maintain and improve it over time. We understand your needs and offer permanent monitoring, backups and optimisation for your store. Our certified Magento engineers are ready to help you at any time.

  • Extension Development

    Our developers can develop the reliable extensions and necessary frameworks for all your ideas and concepts. We will do everything to help make your e-shop more productive and profitable.

  • Front-end performance Optimization

    Nowadays, customers use thousands of gadgets of different varieties to access the internet. It is therefore extremely important for your store to display effectively and be responsive on tablets and mobiles. The specialists from HTML Angels will help you to accomplish this.

Why Us?

With over 7 years of experience and over 200 projects successfully launched, we have developed a unique approach
to software development and growth. We know how to bring ideas to life.

  • Dedicated Magento Brains

    Our company's focus on e-Commerce has allowed us to gather an enormous amount of knowledge in this field over all the years we have worked and excelled on it. This is why our developers offer colossal experience in the development of online stores and their integration.

  • We are Organized

    You hire us. We give you an offer. You make your suggestion. We listen to you. You relax. We work. You ask about the progress. We show you what we have done. You suggest more improvements. We follow you. We meet your deadline. You say "wow!". That's how we work. It's a chain reaction.

  • That's what we love to do

    We do the things we love. We help our clients build efficient businesses with the help of e-marketing tools. We develop websites, online-stores, mobile applications; and promote all of the above across the web. We focus on quality, our services and deadlines. We will convert your ideas into great results.

  • 60 Days Guarantee

    Thanks to our accumulated knowledge and experience, we are more confident in our products than any other individual or company. Therefore, we can give you a guarantee for every webstore we create.

Our Works

Just a few cool websites we worked on.

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Why Magento?

Because there is nothing better! Magento is the leading and best e-Commerce system worldwide since 2008.

  • Orientation on Ecommerce

    The opportunities offered by this CMS can meet all the expectations of an online store owner; it is the most powerful CMS for online store development and is oriented towards the American and EU markets. Magento e-Commerce web development is a great solution for those who run an online store, because this CMS is filled with various useful default features which include: grouping by sets, overview of the latest viewed and added items, carts, payment, feedback, etc.

  • Simple Management

    Professional development by our Magento e-Commerce design company will ensure the convenient management of your online store. The administrative panel of the website is very user-friendly and the user won’t face difficulties when editing necessary sections or publishing the latest information. The developers of our Magento design agency will teach you how to use the administrative panel and manage your website when the development is finished.

  • Support

    The developer community is very advanced and distributed all across the world. Programmers and designers are actively helping each other, which means that the CMS is being improved constantly. We are the Magento web development and design company. We care about our clients and want them to be up-to-date, therefore we offer Magento – because it allows them to get new features, support and fast bug fixes.

  • Popularity

    This CMS is popular among big corporations like Nokia, Lenovo, Skype, Velleroy Boch, Samsung, Nestle, and many other big names. These well-established companies don't use low-quality services and products, and they know what the best products are, so you will avoid a lot of difficulties with the development and further use of your web store by choosing this platform.

  • Marketing Opportunities

    Magento website development will become a stronghold for your marketing activity. With the help of integral modules of related, new and common products, discounts and coupons, and wish-lists, you can increase the average price of your online store and involve your customers in re-ordering Magento web design services.

  • Reporting System

    You can view reports on a customer's carts, purchases, lists of pointed items, searches and even reports of the best buyers. Using this knowledge, the online store owner or user can either analyse the customer's actions or implement something new to transform his or her website into one of the best Magento websites.

  • Scalability & Extensions

    When your e-shop grows too large, you can quickly migrate from a free OpenSource to an Enterprise version. The Magento Marketplace offers the world's largest and most versatile selection of customized and tested extensions. The Marketplace has the latest and best practice extensions to enhance your store’s features in any way you want.

  • SEO Orientation

    The integral features of this CMS allows you to automatically set up all the components that are necessary to achieve a good indexation in search engines: meta-tags, friendly URLs, and popular requests. Investing in website development by our Magento e-Commerce agency is an investment in the optimisation of your services.

Who is already working with Magento?

Ecommerce Box Solutions

Custom Ecommerce Solutions

  • Custom WooCommerce

    $ 45 h
    • Project Duration: Any
    • Fixed Budget:Possible, based on estimate
    • Customer involvement:Minimal, moderate
    • Technical Specification Requirements:High
    • Flexibility to Change Tasks During the Process:Medium
  • Custom Magento

    $ 55 h
    • Project Duration: Any
    • Fixed Budget:Possible, based on estimate
    • Customer involvement:Minimal, moderate
    • Technical Specification Requirements:High
    • Flexibility to Change Tasks During the Process:Medium
  • Dedicated eCommerce

    $ 5500 m
    • Project Duration: Any
    • Fixed Budget:Fixed monthly payment
    • Customer involvement:Regular
    • Technical Specification Requirements:Medium
    • Flexibility to Change Tasks During the Process:High

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