Frequently asked questions

If asked to sign an NDA, will you work with that?

Sometimes you are in need of code for a highly confidential site, or one that many just require an NDA for other legal purposes. We will definitely work with you and sign your requested Non-Disclosure Agreement as needed without questioning the veracity of the form.

Does your company provide Ecommerce development services and which CMS you can use?

Yes, we provide Ecommerce development services for our clients. We can build e-store for you using one of the most popular ecommerce CMS: WooCommerce or Magento. On request, we also develop e-shops based on PrestaShop, OpenCart and Shopify CMS.

Will your company provide maintenance support for my E-store?

Yes, we provide maintenance support on a monthly basis for our clients. This is really important for e-commerce, since the better e-shop you have - the better sales you'll have. Also, you need to take care of your customers, which means: provide improvements, discounts and new features everyday, extending your e-store.

How quickly can you develop my project?

Front-end development projects regulary takes 1-10 business days. Wordpress CMS development projects takes 5-20 business days. Time required for development of Ecommerce website starts from 25 business days depending on your project specifications and the total amount of work required. Make sure that you don't have any time constraints or at least let us know if deadlines are approaching.

In the future, what if I have more pages to add?

We'll only charge you for the normal per-page rate at all times and, if you specify you're a return customer, we can easily work on the code from our memory to seamlessly work on your site.

I need to make some changes to the completed project, will you help?

You are always welcome to send over a list of changes you want to be made. We are happy to help you with minor amendments, even if they are not included in your original project specifications. Where the updates were not originally discussed and require a great deal of effort, the changes will be quoted separately.
We are always happy to help you with updates to your project far into the future. We never neglect our clients after delivering the final files on a project, since it is important to us to create a close collaborative partnership with our clients.

Is your source code done by hand?

Our developers only use the most specific coding for your site and is not copy/pasted, scraped or stolen from any source. Our experience shows in each day's coding efforts.

My site is already coded into HTML/CSS, will you do Wordpress for me?

Our experts will make an analyse of your code and as a result we can accept, propose improvements or refuse to work with your coded html/css files. In case your html/css markup was coded by us, we'll definitely use it to build a Wordpress/Ecommerce website for you.

Does your company assist in training me on CMS/Wordpress?

Any training or documentation related to your customer management or wordpress can be found here; we do not provide the training as we're too busy coding for you.

Does your company work with Javascript and AJAX?

Since we employ some of the best developers in the industry, you'll get one of the best JS and AJAX solutions for your needs.

Can you customize Javascript code?

Our experts can work with any requested Javascript, we can make nearly anything happen as long as your script can handle that.

Does your company provide website maintenance support on a regular basis?

Yes, we provide maintenance support on a monthly basis for our clients. Also, on request we can update your website according to your needs.

Will your code work in all browsers?

When we are busting out some serious code, we will always make sure to cross-browser test the scripting to make sure it conforms to the latest IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera platforms so your site will not show errors when being accessed.

How valid is your code?

Our 100% W3C valid code will pass any W3C validation, anytime.

Does your company work with Tables or Divs at any time?

Tablature data formatting is only used when absolutely necessary to make your site work well.

What types of files does your company work with?

Sketch and PSD designs are what our company prefers as this is generally what is easier to transform to other formats. We'll also work on other graphic files like Joint Photographic Experts Group files (JPG), Adobe Illustrator files (AI), and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files as well. In order to accurately convert your design into website, we'll need to know specific resolution that will be needed, you'll need to provide us fonts, image files an other materials required for development in case it will be impossible to get it from provided design files.

I need to update a website which is currently online, will you help?

First of all we will need to analyse your website, list of changes and specifications of required functionality, after that, we'll provide you a solution of how we can update your website, price for requested updates and delivery terms.

I see 'PSD' a lot. What is the definition of that word?

That acronym is the flagship of Adobe, and means "Photo Shop Design". The file that comes to you completed will have a .psd extension at the end of it signifying it's an Adobe design. We'll also work with common Adobe Illustrator or .ai files and even .png graphic files.

What standards of design file layouts are acceptable?

It's much easier and quicker for us to work with multilayered layouts; we will accept single layer files, however.

I have a long page design, will you charge it as 1 page or development of such a website will cost any extra?

If your page is longer then 2500px, we'll charge an extra fee for development. Our experts will make an estimate and we'll provide you an accurate proposal of price and possible delivery terms.

Will you keep backups of your work for me?

Should something adverse happen to your site that requires you to have another copy of your work sent to you, we'll have no problems in making a copy available to you up to 6 months after the work was completed.

If I need design work, will that be offered?

Yes, we provide web design services for our clients. We'll need as more as possible information from you about your future website, few samples of websites which inspare you, future content and other matherials which may require.

Are discounts ever applied to orders?

Our prices are extremely economical; in fact, few offer such comprehensive work for so little. Therefore, our prices reflect the bottom rate offered. However, from time to time we'll run specials that can be found through our social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook so make sure to follow our profiles and participate in discussions.

Will you accept partial payments to start?

We need full payment up front to begin working on your website projects due to past experiences.

Can I expect to see your company's namesake on my site?

We'll always remain a clandestine company; our work is handed off to you without our logo or name.

Does your company retain the code for personal collection to show off?

We'll never keep your work to 'show off' unless you give us an express written permission to do so.

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