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Website Maintenance Services

You have developed and launched a stunning website, but that's just a first step on a way to the success. Any successful project needs to be constantly maintained and developed.

Maintenance offers

  • Basic

    $ 149 mo.
    • Hours Included:3
    • Hosting:+
    • Backups:Weekly
    • Performance audits:-
    • Dedicated developer:-
    • Reaction time:4 hours
    • The best for:Simple websites, blogs and small e-shops
  • Business

    $ 399 mo.
    • Hours Included:10
    • Hosting:+
    • Backups:Daily
    • Performance audits:Each 6 month
    • Dedicated developer:-
    • Reaction time:1-2 hours
    • The best for:Blogs and small e-shops
  • Advanced

    from $ 1999 mo.
    • Hours Included: 100
    • Hosting:+
    • Backups:Hourly
    • Performance audits:Monthly
    • Dedicated developer:+
    • Reaction time:Immediate
    • The best for:Enterprise

* Any works out of scope of an included hours are billed separately.

** All cost doesn't include VAT.

Why us?

  • We are on-line 24/7

    Once your staff is at vacations or have a day-off or sleep, we are always on duty to make your site run smooth 24/7

  • Cost effective

    We are cheaper than hiring the admin on-board. Moreover, you don't pay for insurance, vacations, holidays, etc.

  • Various skills

    We have a team of professionals in different fields, from design and coding to network geeks. We will use them wisely in case of need.

  • Priority

    Once you have a maintenance agreement with us, your other development tasks automatically get the highest priority, so you have the fastest turnaround.

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